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Honda Accord 2007: DIY how to adjust your headlights

What’s going on guys put in the here and say we have a viewer request Honda article of this is to Mike headlights is made of your for a little while now he asked me questions or how do you adjust your headlamps. So I don’t know how to do it really couldn’t have done so I pull up the service manual. Got the instructions and started my here do could video for him anywhere else wants to know. Now if you do have the service manual this is going to be under the. Body electric part. The page number is 22 dash 233. And 22 dash 234. And after the 2007 Honda Accord headlights adjustment portion it is immediately followed by headlamp removal so if you guys want to. We’re gonna take off your head lamps. Replace them repair them what have you it’s.

2007 honda accord headlightsI merely followed by the headlight adjustment portion. Alright what you open up the hood you take a look right here on this panel just to the left of your would screen was of our cat you’re gonna see a set of instructions. Get a ¬†Hey you that’s your instructions for your. I just when you get you counterclockwise for up. Clockwise for down on American models you cannot adjuster headlamps. Horizontally it’s just vertical. You know look down here 2007 Honda Accord headlights. And If you see. That screw right there with the teeth at the end of it that’s we gonna put your. Phillip screwdriver in and turn it to. Do the manual adjustments for. So Pro you need a quiet. You need quite a long. Screwdriver but it’s actually easier to access to what this camera.

Show when you that’s for the past your side. Driver side is the exact same instructions on that little plastic piece of trim it gives you the same structures of the passenger side. And this is just gonna be a little bit more tricky to get to and it’s just too. The right. Of the era battery now I suppose you could take. And we offer to us a couple set of a. And we’ll take that clip out. You get a clip right there. When you read take this clip out to pull this out this clip up piece classic out here. Doesn’t seem to be anything underneath it let me give you a little bit more. Better access to get to it but. Yeah that one is right. Right there. Now that’s gonna be it for the video for a day disappointed do a quick.

I Your request for my Keiichi was. Try to figure out how to do justice headlamp so Mike I hope that helps you anybody else who watches this. I hope it helps you out also I’m gonna leave. Link below. And description to be the first link for. The 3 downloadable PDF version of the service manual it’s like 2934 pages or some shit like that so comes in really handy. And I’ll also leave the page numbers. To this process in description as well so that if you do decide to download the service manual you can go right to that portion but thanks for watching guys you next project.