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2016 Chevrolet Bolt EV

So the concept Chevrolet here is really about trying to take the overall interior package and represent the in this very dramatic and expressive exterior design language. So we have a very false when showed angle very far off would a pillar. The proportions on the stones of the vehicle a very strong and muscular so the front overhang is very sure the lamps ready wraparound the colder the gritty aspect how short that front overhang is so we’ve got this very long line through on the bottom of the day along with the bright work that really helps to stretch the length of the upper of the vehicle we’ve used the wheelbase is a very strong component of the of rule proportions of the vehicle so the wheels written about the set in the corners of the car and then also the gloss running off the windshield and up into this panoramic roof.

2016 Chevrolet Bolt EVThe design language and everything about the exterior is Chevy about trying to reinforce this feeling of spaciousness and lightness for the interior so now we’re gonna talk about the front end of the boat TV concept. So if you see a few key areas to talk about here I think firstly we’ve got you lighting signature in the headlamp this Chevy Cruze headlights British dramatic graphic of the lamb wrapping around the corner into the IT Pilla helps to take both the unloaded dito but also create a very 3 dimensional feel to the headlamp form but because this is in the V we’ve been able to give a much cleaner simpler look this is. Not what you would expect from a typical internal combustion engine vehicle this is a very clean EV looking aesthetic but we developed on the front end. So as we get to the rear end of the Boevey comes at this 3 key areas that we want it to the to focus on. Firstly it’s the extensive use of glass so we got an old plus liftgate with the tail lamps integrated into the low Huff. And these unique quarter glass windows here that helped create this wraparound feel on the back end of the car.

Secondly if the lighting elements we really wanted to work on creating a great deal of depth and secondary reads on the graphics including the use of the fractal design element inside each of the 2 lighting elements. And then finally it’s it’s very dramatic sculpted element that happens here on the re aphasia and does a couple of things it creates really good with through the back of the vehicle of visual element and then it also helps to deliver on the aerodynamic requirements that the vehicle needs to get to the more than 200 mile range of the bow Evey concept. Now we’re gonna talk about the Bowie V concept in Syria I think the first thing we’ll see is the we’ve got this flat fool which is enabled by the dedicated electrical architecture. So we got a completely flat floor between the rocker into the fool and then also you see this really cool kind of floating elements of the instrument panel so underneath the instrument panel in the foot well area it’s completely open. There are no H. fat module this whole package within the instrument panel itself.

The very open field lots of knee room very spacious feel to the in Syria in terms of the design of the instrument panel itself we’ve really emphasize the displays so there’s a reconfigurable display for both the cluster and for the center stack. It’s a really nice Morton interpretation of the can a Jew cockpit thing that you would see another Chevrolet vehicles the way we’ve been able to define that graphic is with this really dramatic backlit decorative element the runs right away across the Chevy car. In terms of controls we’ve gone electronic shifter which is mounted to the full council between the seats the seats are very thin the very sculptural they got a very dramatic isometric graphical them they flow on these very lightweight looking structures that keeps the sea off of that flat floor and again reinforces this whole kind of idea that we’ve got this big wide open interior volume with the instrument panel in the seats on the floor console kind of position within the overall interior volume.